Nora Simon For ANC 4C04

Who I Am & Why I’m Running


About Nora

I am a former public school teacher with a background in nonprofit development and a passion for community building and advocacy.

I currently volunteer with the Uptown Main Street organization, which supports local businesses, and coach the Banneker High School girls’ soccer team. Full-time, I act as a consultant to nonprofits and associations, helping them scale through Salesforce implementations.

And Why I’m Running

As a former teacher, I have seen how students’ educational opportunities and outcomes are inextricably tied to the overall health of a community. We have a responsibility to ensure that we are providing the support necessary to foster a strong, vibrant neighborhood that creates opportunity and provides a high quality of life for all residents.

We don’t live in a vacuum. The decisions that we make as an SMD, and as a broader ward, will directly impact the direction of this neighborhood and the quality of life for residents, both now and into the future. I want to meet my neighbors, hear their concerns, and help to realize their hopes for the community.

I believe that a thriving neighborhood is one that is connected, involved, and engaged.


What is an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner?

ANC is locally elected non-partisan body that helps to represent the neighborhood on issues that may impact it. The ANC advises on matters of liquor licenses, street/public area improvements, zoning, police protection, and more.


My Priorities


Many residents walk, bike, and rely on public transit, making physical safety a primary focus. Crime is symptomatic of broader, underlying issues. My goal is to advance solutions that help to address the root causes.


Our area is changing rapidly. As new restaurants and condominiums go up, so does the cost of living. Affordable housing is a key priority of mine. There are responsible ways to improve neighborhood amenities, while still ensuring that a wide range of residents continue to afford to call Petworth home.


The Washington Post recently hailed 14th street, between Spring and Quincy, as the best “cheap eats and drinks in DC.” As the area becomes a more attractive place to live, businesses will vie to set up shop here . I want to help ensure that we are scaling in a way that is responsible to current residents, and sustainable for our future ones.


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